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Before executing a listing agreement......
Karen Kay will:

q    Prepare pricing recommendations by analyzing recently sold properties, homes that did not sell, and pending contracts, and review current competition on the market. 

q    Prepare a report of current market conditions that will affect the sale of your property. 

q    Research tax information for your property. 

q    Obtain special assessment information, loan information, utility costs, etc. 

q    Prepare several financing plans to attract prospects. 

q    Recommend possible improvements to yield the highest price. 

q    Provide you with instructions for showing appointments. 

q    Assist you in the presentation of your home to yield the highest price. 

q    Prepare and explain an estimate of closing/settlement costs and net proceeds. 

q    Prepare a market update to review market conditions and prevailing interest rates. 

q    Discuss possible inclusions/exclusions and personal property. 

q    Assist you with information about your destination city (if you are moving from this area). 

q    Provide information regarding home inspection and appraisal procedures.

When we begin the marketing process........
Karen Kay  will:

First Phase

q    Arrange for photographs. 

q    Install a sign in your yard to attract "drive-by" prospects. 

q    Verify all property information. 

q    Fax information to all area offices. 

q    Enter property information into Multiple Listing Service database, which will expose your property to all licensed members. 

q    Install a lock box to facilitate showings by all brokers. 

q    Contact current prospects to offer a private showing. 

q    Search for additional prospects using the Multiple Listing Service database. 

q    Cross sell your property at our sales meeting. 

q    Arrange for an MLS tour of your home. 

q    Prepare special flyers of your home. 

q    Counsel you regarding preparing your home for sale. 

q    Send weekly status summary and showing reports. 

Second Phase 

q    Prepare first classified ad. 

q    Call local real estate offices to give them advance information. 

q    Set up information/brochure box. 

q    Advertise in secondary publications when necessary (this or like properties). 

q    Prepare a feature sheet with a list of all benefits/features of your property.

 q    Prepare a Home Display Book. 

q    Prepare financing packages of possible ways for prospects to buy your home. 

q    Review the property to check condition. 

Third Phase 

q    Provide information about the purchase agreement and negotiations. 

q    Send weekly summary and showing reports. 

q    Hold your house open, if appropriate. 

Fourth Phase 

q    Send weekly summary and showing reports. 

q    Provide a monthly update regarding changes in current market conditions. 

 Fifth Phase 

q    Send weekly summary and showing reports 

q    Hold pricing strategy conference 

At the time an offer to purchase agreement is received.....
Karen Kay will:

q    Prepare an estimate of seller expenses, closing costs, and net proceeds. 

q    Discuss qualifications of the prospective buyer: 

q    Current situation and buyer profile 

q    Motivation 

q    Ability to purchase 

q    Review the purchase agreement for completeness and accuracy. 

q    Represent you during the presentation of all contracts and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible price and terms for your home. 

q    Prepare a calendar of key upcoming actions (i.e., mortgage application, mortgage approval, inspections, closing). 

q    Explain all details and contingencies. 

q    Deliver all counter-proposals promptly. 

q    Preview any contingency properties. 

q    Maintain rapport and communicate with the other agents involved in the transaction. 

While your transaction is pending.......
Karen Kay  will:

q    Make sure earnest money is deposited as required by law.

q    Make sure Title Company orders title insurance, deed, affidavit, and survey. 

q    When appropriate, meet appraiser at property and present market data. 

q    Coordinate home & termite inspections. 

q    Review the inspection reports with you. 

q    Give a weekly report of pending details. 

q    Follow up with borrower's lender. 

q    Post sale as "pending" on Multiple Listing Service records, put up "Sold" sign when all contingencies are met. 

q    Assist cooperating agent with any problems relative to the sale. 

q    Schedule the closing with the Title Company. 

q    Locate a new home or condominium, if desired. 

At the time of closing or settlement.........
Karen Kay will:

q    Discuss proceeds and closing statement with you. 

q    Attend the closing and answer your questions. 

q    Coordinate possession of property. 

q    Maintain a file of all closing papers. 

q    Arrange for transportation to the closing if desired. 

q    Explain pay-off. 

q    Arrange for payment of expenses from closing proceeds. 

q    Coordinate all final inspection documents. 

q    Coordinate the transfer of utilities and keys. 

q    Pick up yard sign and key lock box. 

q    Coordinate the delivery your proceeds in the form of a check! 


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